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New Stock from Adriafil and Sirdar

Good Morning!

This week we have received delivery of three enormous boxes from Adriafil and four great big sacks from Sirdar!

Adriafil delivery to My Yarnery Havant UK Sirdar delivery to My Yarnery Havant UK

We have many brand new yarns and patterns along with yarns that aren't brand new, but we just didn't have already, so our ranges are ever increasing. Good job our shop is like a tardis!

At the moment we are still in the process of getting it all listed here in our online store (that's my job, and I haven't quite finished! Eeek!). If you click on the 'New!' menu above, anything brand new, or new to us will appear there. It is going to take a few days to be fully updated so if there's something you're after and you can't find it, do send us a message. It may be that we have it in the shop, but not yet listed online.

Here is our Adriafil section in the shop:

Adriafil department in the shop My Yarnery Havant Hampshire UK

We are having a re-jig to fit everything in. We also have some goregous sample garments from both Adriafil and Sirdar. It's always great to see how the yarn looks when made up.

This little cardigan is Sirdar Rainbow Drops Aran, a brand new yarn for this Autumn/Winter season and available in 8 different shades:

Sirdar Rainbow Drops Aran at My Yarnery Havant

This jumper is Adriafil Pintau:

Adriafil Pintau Jumper at My Yarnery Havant UK Adriafil Pintau Jumper at My Yarnery Havant UK

Adriafil Pintau yarn at My Yarnery Havant Hampshire UK

A very colourful yarn! (Also brand new).

Anyway, these are just two of the new ones... there are many more!

Next week I'll share more detail about the individual yarns as they should all be unpacked and listed by the then.

Wishing you all a wonderful week ahead!

Lizzie J x


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