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Basket Weave Baby Blanket

Handwoven Basket Weave Baby Blanket

Yarn used: King Cole Moods DK, shade Leaf.

Woven on 8 Shafts.

Warp on the loom ready for threading using King Cole Moods DK Leaf


 weaving started with plain weave hem

It may be difficult to spot in this picture but there is an intentional flaw in the plain weave hem where two picks (weft threads) are together in the same space. This creates the perfect fold line for the rolled hem.

further along weaving the blanket

 The above picture shows the blanket weaving a bit further along.

End of the king cole moods blanket warp

And here at the end of the warp. Changing from weaving the pattern to plain weave for the hem, again with an intentional flaw of a double pick to create a nice neat fold line on the end of the blanket.

After the dry finishing which included sewing the hems at either end and ensuring all loose weft ends were fully woven or sewn in. The blanket was wet finished.

Wet finishing allows the fibres to relax and settle into their preferred position, as well as a certain amount of shrinkage. Different fibre types and combinations will have different shrinkage rates. You can see in the picture above that the cloth looks quite different on the loom to how it looks as the finished blanket. It is under great tension on the loom, but after releasing that tension and carrying out the necessary finishing processes, it is awakened and brought to life!

finished woven blanket in King Cole Moods DK Leaf

finished woven blanket shown on a chair outside in the sunshineclose up of the basket weave blanket in king cole moods DK leaf

A few final shots to show the finished piece. The King Cole Moods yarn is incredibly soft and the blanket drapes beautifully. With 30% wool in this machine washable blend it is also very cosy and warm.

Handwoven for My Yarnery.

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