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Toy Filling / Stuffing: Recycled: 250g


Toy Filling / Stuffing: Recycled: 250g

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A near white, lofty filling made from 100% recycled plastic bottles. The used plastic bottles are collected by waste companies who sort, clean and shred them to a 'washed flake' state. The flakes are processed and fluffed to produce a clean, near white, fantastic bouncy polyester stuffing - perfect for cushions, toys and other large craft projects. Fibre complies to BS5852 British flammability test, BS1425 British cleanliness certificate & EN71-3 European standards certificate. Makers who sell craft items and work with fillings, know it is a legal requirement to hold a record of the EN71-3 certificate to display in their makers safety file. Feel assured, this recycled filling meets all requirements needed.

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